Elias , 2018
Shown at 'Coloured' Exhibition Willesden Library Gallery  

Elias is an acronym that  I am using to explore the stories and narratives of people of colour. Each letter represents a different chapter that focuses on a phase of life that we all go through, whether that is falling in love for the first time or dealing with our first loss. The project came out of a feeling of wanting to take ownership over our own narratives and to have a chance to speak for ourselves; and not be spoken for through sensationalised narratives that are presented through the mainstream as our collective experiences. Our stories are as varied and dynamic as each individual walk of life and cannot be edited to speak the same message. The aim of the project is to create stories that are truly representative of a collective experience, that we can all relate to in a way. Stories that bring to light our likeness to each other and shared experiences; and move to bring us closer together.

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