Commissions / A Voice Thats My Own

A Voice Thats My Own

A written and illustrative collaboration with myself and fellow artist and arts educator Viana Gaudino, as part of a commission for Tate's Playground zine. The work focuses on issues of representation when it comes to language and the complexity of colloquial modes of expression, which can often be labelled as improper and not "correct english" in social structures. This short text seeks to exhibit the richness of these modes of communication through short anecdotes and snippets of conversations that delve into the beauty of this way of speaking that has been formed by a cohesion of British culture alongside minorities that have settled here. We invite the reader into this world where the terms we use maybe  familiar or distant to them and ask them to engage. To speak these words so they may feel understood and seen or to be opened up to possibility of more words, more meanings, more ways of connecting to each other that reflects the society we live in.

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