It Begins With A Conversation Is a continuation on Working Around You and Me, which is the last piece Maureen and I did together as a part of the Superannuates and Tenderfeet project in 2016, that was organised by Age UK and Air Studio. The narrative explores the tender nature of getting to know someone and the careful dance that takes place in understanding the boundaries of this new-found bond. The work serves as a reflection of our experience together and touches on parts of the conversations we shared during our time together and also served as an opportunity for us to reconnect and open a line of conversation. It Begins With A Conversation is start of a dialogue concerning connections between people when it comes to race, generational gaps and gender and the different forms it takes on. More connects us than divides, yet we find ourselves at opposite sides of this table, seeing you in me for the first time. If only we had done this earlier, if only we had more time. We still have these hidden moments, that speak of you and I.

A work produced By Michael Taiwo & Maureen

Video: 3:55 mins 

 Commissioned By Anne Eggebert 

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